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We are performance xenon hid company. Founded in Chicago 2002. For 10 years Spark HID has been the leading supplier of manufactured Xenon HID conversion Kits, Original Equipment Manufactured HID ballasts, bulbs nationally and World wide since 2005. We are proclaimed as thefastest HID kit deliverer by Chitown Racing. and provide wholesale supplies to vendors such as Midland Toyota & Scion, Landspeed Autos Driver's Image etc...

While Spark HID breaks new sales records, Spark HID has been given the name that provides best customer services. We value lowest price and highest quality Xenon HID Conversion Kits.

We value lowest price and highest quality Xenon HID Conversion Kits. Providing the customers with exactly what they need.

1. Price

We gives prices that are lower than any dealer. The original parts costing over $600-2000 at dealerships , we provide them under $280. You will know the Huge Savings, once you inquire the dealerships about the price. Most O.E.M products you will be able to purchase with 80% price savings!

2 What's Inside Matters

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Spark HID uses the highest quality precision machined parts such as "AAA" Quality .. Normally for other websites would provide you with Low quality products such as "C" or "D" quality without you having much of the information on them. Better Quality means longer life.

3. Most Diverse Selection than Any other Websites!

Spark HID carries the most diverse products hands down, We provide10 Different Color Spectrumswhere as others usually have about 6. and # Different Manufactured Quality Products, Brilliant Xenon AAA,Standard and authentic Philips Kits !